Project – Bleak Winter

Shooting landscapes in the winter can be very difficult. For every day with snow covered mountain tops, there are many more grey, rainy days where everything feels generally flat and the sun doesn’t seem like it will ever burst through the clouds. All in all it can be very uninspiring when looking through the viewfinder. However fear not, there is beauty in the bleak mid winter.

Many photographers scale back how much they shoot in their winter. I know because I was one of those photographers, hence where the idea for this project came from. I get inches fingers when I haven’t been out with the camera in a few days so I thought it was time to break the habit.


Above are a few images from my “Bleak Winter” project, the were shot in the Shropshire countryside not far from where I live on a miserable day. The post process stage is a big part to bring themes images to life and for those interested, I will be doing a YouTube based tutorial on the editing process in the coming months.

Click here to view the full project.


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