5 Ways To Make Sure You Buy The Right Lens

I’m currently looking for a Tele Zoom lens for my full frame Canon 6D camera, I have narrowed it down to a choice of two lenses which both have pros and cons. I always put a lot of thought into purchases, so while I’m in the mindset of buying a new bit of camera kit I thought I’d put together a guide to my thought process. Hope you find it useful.

1. Identify Your Needs
So you’d like to take more landscapes and want an ultra wide angle lens or you enjoy shooting wildlife but you haven’t got a zoom lens to get you right in amongst the action. What ever your need, identify what type of lenses will help you achieve your goals.

2. Set a Realistic Budget
We’d all like to buy the top end spec lens every time, but alas with the prices camera lenses these days, that’s not possible. So It’s important that you set a budget and it will help your narrow the search.

3. Do You Really Need It
It’s easy to get wrapped up in buying camera equipment all the time, especially lenses. However I always find it useful to take step back and have a good hard think about weather I really do need this new lens and if it will give me the benefits I’m trying to convince my self it will.

4. Research, Research, Research
So you’re convinced this lens will help you achieve your goals and take your photography to the next step. It’s time to buy right… Hell no! I spend a lot of time researching the lenses relative to my budget. I read a lot of product reviews on sites selling the items, go on forums where people are discussing the very topics I’m thinking about regarding the lens. Though in my opinion the most useful tool for lens reviews is YouTube, not only do you get good in depth reviews, but you get to see the lens in action.

You may not just be looking at one lens at this point so even more reason to compare the two or even three lenses you are looking at.

5. Shop Around
We all have go to websites where we always buy from and I’m no different. It is however a good idea to shop around, specially when the prices are high. For 99% of my camera equipment purchases I use DigitalRev as their prices are generally cheaper, offer free delivery and a fantastic service. That said if I found the item cheaper on say Amazon I would buy the lens from them.

Be wary of very cheap prices on websites you’ve never heard of. As the old saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Well that concludes the process I go through when I’m looking to purchase a lens or any camera equipment for that matter. It’s easy to read a product description and be seduced into thinking this lens is what your missing from your equipment. It’s good to make sure that this purchase will be used and will enhance your photography.

Hopefully you have found this post useful. Feel free to comment or share.


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